Maximizing Your Performance, Minimizing Your Losses.

National Recovery Solutions Designed for Best-in-Class Performance

Millennium’s 24/7 national recovery solutions locate and recover your collateral incredibly fast. Our powerful and streamlined processes are built to execute optimum performance. Our staff is trained and compliant – it’s our processes and our people that make your life easier and minimize your losses.

24/7 National recovery management services: auto repossession, skip tracing, impound services

Unsurpassed Performance in 24/7 National Recovery Management

Millennium has a network of 600+ contracted and licensed independent agents, expert case managers, and LPR technology working for you 24/7. With billions recovered and resolved annually, expertise in bankruptcies, impounds, and frontings, and 24/7 live in-house coverage, Millennium provides the national recovery coverage and performance you need.

Start recovering more will Millennium’s national recovery management

24/7 National recovery management services: auto repossession, skip tracing, impound services

Comprehensive LPR Solutions

24/7 in-house coverage of live hits, verification and pickups is just the beginning. Millennium also provides expert historical scan analysis on frontside and skip, as well as LPR staging services as part of our national recovery services. 

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Millennium provides expert impound negotiation and recovery services

Blazing Speed on Impounds and Frontings

Established in 1999, Millennium has the tried and true experience and financial strength to release your impounds faster than anyone for full-service national recovery. We start with location-specific documentation requirements from our proprietary database built from our years of experience. With our QuickRELEASETM, we get cash there the fastest way possible, whether eChecks, wire transfers, ACH, or overnight checks! Our dedicated impound team treats impounds with the urgency they require. Did we mention we have no limits on advanced funds and fronting values?

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Millennium provides nationwide skip tracing services to consumer lenders

Faster Locate with Expert Skip Tracing for Consumer Lenders

Millennium’s dedicated skip tracing team provides locate and recovery for your collateral through our proprietary deep skip tracing process to reduce your charge-offs and minimize your losses. Our skip team is a separate unit within Millennium that is solely focused on aged accounts requiring deep skip and employing a wide range of technology, tools, and locate strategies. As a unit within Millennium, the skip tracing team is fully covered by Millennium’s SOC 2, Type 2 audit, insurance coverage, and all vetting and compliance processes. We provide deep skip tracing for consumer lenders in all segments and skip-to-repo national recovery services for auto finance lenders.

Learn how Millennium’s Skip-to-Repo services can boost your late stage and post charge-off performance

Motorcycle asset recovery is a highly specialized segment, and Millennium has an entire team dedicated to motorcycles.

Motorcycle Recovery Group

Motorcycle recovery is a highly specialized segment, and Millennium has an entire team dedicated to motorcycles. Our motorcycle national recovery group provides value to many of the nation’s motorcycle captives and large lenders. Those lenders rely on Millennium because we consistently rank top in head-to-head performance challenges and scorecards when it comes to motorcycles.

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Millennium's specialty collateral recovery group manages a wide range of powersports and specialty vehicles.

PowerSports, RV’s, Boats, PWC’s, Tractors, Mowers, and More

Our specialty recovery group manages a wide range of powersports and specialty vehicles. We have years od experience working with banks and regional banks managing recoveries for RV’s, motor homes, boats, personal watercraft (PWC’s). We even manage national recovery for heavy equipment, large tractors and combines.

Find out what Millennium’s PowerSports and Specialty recovery group can do for your results

Why Millennium?

It’s not just about repossessions. For Millennium, working with a client is about helping great companies optimize their performance, increase their return to shareholders, and protect their brand integrity. The dedicated solutions team that oversees your implementation stays with you for strategic business reviews, custom solutions, ongoing operational support, and performance monitoring. Millennium’s customers have repeatedly stated that we have raised the bar with regard to service. And as for performance, Millennium consistently outperforms the competition and as a result, has increased participation based on this performance. Our ability to outperform the competition is tied directly to the culture that has been created within the company: striving for continuous improvement, innovation, and building a best-in-class company. These are just a few of the reasons our client relationships surpass the industry standard. Learn more about what makes Millennium different: Millennium’s Value Promise: Our Commitment to You

Our Services and Expertise

National recovery management is about far more than repossessions. It’s about how you minimize losses and protect your brand. Our national recovery management and skip services have been refined over our years of experience with great consumer lending brands and a clear focus on what drives their success.

24/7 National Recovery Management

  • 600+ vetted and licensed independent agents
  • Billions recovered and resolved in non-performing assets
  • Highest recovery rates in head-to-head challenges
  • Comprehensive 24/7 nationwide coverage
  • Repossessions and national recovery
  • LPR live hit verification and pickups
  • LPR database of more than 1.5 billion scans and historical scan analysis
  • Expertise in bankruptcies
    • PACER verifications
    • Lift of Stay
    • Discharge Orders
    • Fraudulent Transfers
  • Expertise in impounds
    • Police impounds
    • Body shop impounds
    • Condition reports and inspections
    • Frontings and advanced funds fastest methods possible
      • eCheck
      • ACH
      • Wire transfer
      • Overnight check

Millennium is integrated with all major systems for assignment processing, skip tracing, compliance, and vendor management.with all Major Systems

Skip Tracing for Consumer Lenders

  • Leveraging  technology solutions
    • Public and private databases
    • Proprietary data and processes
  • Separate skip team SOC2, Type 2 audited
    • Highly trained skip specialists
    • Skip team for all types of consumer lenders
    • Dedicated motorcycle skip unit
  • Locate and national recovery of your collateral
  • Skip-to-repo
  • Analyze, reduce and verify information
    • Cross-reference skip information
    • Account deconstruction
    • Agent validation
  • Regulatory-compliant call strategies
  • Locate and recovery of your collateral
    • Locate-only
    • Skip-to-repo

The Leader in Compliance

  • The 1st national management firm to be SOC 2, Type 2 audit certified
  • The only national management firm to be SOC, Type 2 audit certified every year since the inception of the standard in 2012
  • The only national management firm with a Certified Consumer Credit Compliance Professional (CCCCP) on staff
  • Comprehensive Compliance Management System (CMS)
  • Industry-leading ComplianceFIRST® Solutions
  • The most rigorous agent vetting process
  • Compliance training and testing of every new staff member
  • Annual compliance training and testing
  • Reputation management (yours) through our proactive consumer-focused protection program


Unsurpassed Data Security

  • 3rd party penetration tested
  • Encrypted network and data security
  • Redundant network and data
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans
  • Twin backup generators
  • Multilayered security of physical premises
  • 100% Paperless workflow

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE)
  • Long history of accomplishments in diversity and inclusion
  • Millennium president was keynote speaker at an auto captive’s annual meeting of diverse suppliers
  • Millennium president honored for diversity efforts by trade journals

Auto Captives and Brand Name Lenders

  • Top 20 lenders turn to Millennium for our Best In Class Performance and Industry-Leading Compliance
  • SOC 2, Type 2 audit certified in all of the 5 Trust Principles that apply
  • Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE)

Best Practices in Communications and Reporting

  • Proprietary scorecards and performance benchmarking
  • Weekly and monthly performance calls; quarterly business reviews
  • Best in Class service to customize reporting and communication to meet your needs