Gain Control and Visibility over 3rd Party & 4th Party Vendor Risk

Millennium's Vendor Management Platform powered by VendorRisk is available to lenders to meet demanding regulatory compliance requirements for 3rd and 4th party vendors.


Complete Visibility

Complete visibility to all your vendors at all levels:

Ensured 3rd & 4th Party Transparency

Standardizes Vetting, Due Diligence, Complaint Management, and Scorecarding with Detailed Documents

Audit-Ready Report Templates with Secure Remote Access

Minimize Risk

Assess risk exposure to mitigate your 3rd & 4th party vendor concerns

Focus your efforts on your critical vendors

Risk matrix determines vendor's overall risk level based on selected individual risk levels

Flexible review process, whether evaluated by individual or committee


Audit-Ready Reporting

Audit-ready report templates provides, or create your own reports!

Standard reports & templates provided

Build your own reports

Secure remote access

Schedule Reminders So Nothing Falls Through the Cracks

Select the factor you want to keep an eye on; set your frequency, notification time, and more - added visibility


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